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Penguin Random House Audio

On this episode of #AudioBookClub

Matthew and Steve fail to recommend ‘The Light We Carry” by Michelle Obama.

Steve Phillips and Matthew Layton present #AudioBookClub - the podcast that reviews and recommends audiobooks.

On this episode:

Steve and Matthew welcome Helena Sheffield, Senior Marketing Manager, Penguin Random House Audio onto their pod.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Matthew couldn’t quite find it in his heart to recommend that you, gentle listener, spend an Audible credit ond 9 hours and 59 minutes of your life on Michelle Obama’s new self-help book and instead started playing clips from Barack Obama’s ‘A Promised Land’

Coincidentally that also happens to be the audiobook that Helena bought for her father as a Christmas present last year.

Helena gives us some fantastic insight into how the audiobook business works - from casting to marketing via the long, har slog in the recording studio - and gives us a fistful of excellent listening recommendations.

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