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On this episode of AudioBookClub, we book ourselves into the independent audiobook platform that’s like a day spa for your brain… Prefer your audiobooks sustainably sourced, hand reared and mind-nourishing? Then Spiracle is the place for you! Sophie Haxworth, Spiracle’s Editorial Manager, explains to Steve and Matthew (in the simplest terms she possibly can) how she fell in love with audiobooks as a child, how she ended up working at Spiracle and how and why the whole platform works. She also gives you and the boys some audiobook recommendations that are a cut above the tat they usually have on here. ‘Insignificance’ - by James Clammer ‘His Bloody Project’ - by Graeme Macrae Burnet ‘Njáls saga’ - Trad. ‘Fifty Sounds’ - by Polly Barton

Please get involved in the conversation - either with your opinions on Spiracle' or if you want to recommend an audiobook for us to review.

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Written by Robert Shearman

Starring Paul McGann and India Fisher

As recommended by Stuart Hardy of Stubagful-fame


‘The Last Train: Detective Hiroshi’ - Volume 1’ - by Michael Pronko -

As recommended by Victor Dima of The Audiobook Blog

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