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'A History of Modern Britain' - by Andrew Marr

On this episode of AudioBookClub, Matthew hasn’t done his homework and fails to review ‘A History of Modern Britain’ by Andrew Marr.

Quite spectacularly!

Steve Phillips and Matthew Layton present #AudioBookClub - a podcast that recommends and reviews audiobooks.

Fortunately, the BBC - an institution very close to both Steve’s and Matthew’s hearts - has just launched the amazon BBC Sounds app to a global audience.

Steve and Matthew ramble on passionately about the fantastic amount, quality of premium audio content from the greatest broadcasting organisation there has ever been, that is now available to you, wherever you live!

Title: A History of Modern Britain

Written by: Andrew Marr

Narrated by: David Timson

Length: 8 hrs and 10 mins

Publisher: Macmillan Digital Audio

Please get involved in the conversation - either with your opinions on 'A History of Modern Britain’' or if you want to recommend an audiobook for us to review.

Coming up on #AudioBookClub

Written by Robert Shearman

Starring Paul McGann and India Fisher

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