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'Fletch' - by Gregory Mcdonald

On this episode of AudioBookClub, we recommend the audiobook equivalent of that tatty, yellowing, old paperback book that you find in someone else’s holiday home. So slap on your sunscreen, recline by the pool and join us as we get stuck into ‘Fletch’

Steve Phillips and Matthew Layton present #AudioBookClub - a podcast that recommends and reviews audiobooks.

On this episode of #AudioBookClub Steve and Matthew get wrapped up in an historical artefact: Fletch - the 1974 novel that was made into a film in the 1980s starring Chevy Chase.

(Which is currently available for free if you’ve got an Audible subscription. Have a squiz at the Audible Plus section)


: Fletch

Written by: Gregory Mcdonald

Narrated by: Dan John Miller

Length: 8 hrs and 10 mins

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Please get involved in the conversation - either with your opinions on 'Fletch' or if you want to recommend an audiobook for us to review...

Coming up on #AudioBookClub

‘A History of Modern Britain’ - by Andrew Marr -

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