The Lazarus Heist - with Geoff White

On this episode of #AudioBookClub - no longer the world's only interactive audiobook review and recommendation podcast - Steve and Matthew speak to journalist and author Geoff White about his new audiobook 'The Lazarus Heist'.

The book is based on the BBC's award winning podcast series of the same name and, in both formats, Geoff tells the story of the Lazarus Group - an elite group of North Korean government-backed hackers.

This is the first time we've encountered an audiobook based on a podcast series, so we ask ourselves and Geoff what the difference between the two formats is, both for him as an author/journalist/presenter and for us as listeners.

We also touch upon the differences between working for the BBC and for a publishing company like Penguin; and Geoff reminds us that while we haven't necessarily seen many visible signs of any cyber fallout from the war in Ukraine, there is a lot of defensive effort being undertaken in places like GCHQ and Fort Meade.


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