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'Fibber in the Heat' - by Miles Jupp

WARNING: This episode of AudioBookClub contains ‘a fart of such intensity that you could probably lean against it’ and ‘a bowel movement of such violence that it made me question my sphincteral elasticity’

Steve Phillips and Matthew Layton present #AudioBookClub - a podcast that recommends and reviews audiobooks.

On this episode:

Steve and Matthew consume 'Fibber in the Heat' by Miles Jupp - an autobiographical memoir of the actor/comedian/author's attempt to blag his way into becoming a cricket journalist.

In ‘Notes from the Margin’, we’ll be asking ‘How new does an audiobook have to be to be considered worthy of recommendation by #AudioBookClub?’.

Title: Fibber in the Heat: Following England in India - A Blagger's Tale

Written by: Miles Jupp

Narrated by: Miles Jupp

Length: 8 hrs and 10 mins

Release date: 29-12-2016

Publisher: Random House Audiobooks


Please get involved in the conversation - either with your opinions on 'Fibber in the Heat' or if you want to recommend an audiobook for us to review

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